Alright, you can’t wait to play the FIFA 18 game and maybe you have pre-ordered one of the FIFA 18 editions. But did you already know there are more editions you can choose to buy? And do you know the differences between those editions? Make sure you order the right edition, the edition that suits you well and has all the options you’ll need. We will help you to make the right choice. And to spend your money on the right edition for you. Which edition you finally choose, it’s important to also buy your fifa 18 coins with these coins you can create a great team in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Standard edition

The first and regular edition of FIFA 18 is the Standard edition. You can pre-order this edition online on the official EA sports site. The official release of the FIFA 18 Standard edition is on September, 29, 2018. Do you buy the Standard edition? Then you’ll have less extra’s compared to the other editions.
When you pre-order the FIFA 18 Standard edition, you’ll receive up to 15 dollars of Jumbo Premium Gold FUT packs. You’ll also receive Cristiano Ronaldo loan and eight Special Edition FUT Kits. Do you buy the Standard edition because you have less money, you’ll love these cheap fifa 18 coins.

FIFA 18 Ronaldo edition

The second edition is the Ronaldo edition. The Ronaldo edition has already more extra’s then the Standard edition. The Ronaldo edition contains the same extra’s as the Standard edition and some more. It contains 60 dollar worth of Jumbo Premium Gold FUT packs unlike the 15 dollar you get when you buy the Standard edition. And, one of the greatest things about this edition, you have a three days early access to play the game instead of waiting till September 29, you can play the game three days early.

FIFA 18 Icon edition

The third and last edition is the FIFA 18 Icon edition. This edition contains the most extra’s. It contains 120 dollar worth of Jumbo Premium Gold FUT packs! Further you can find Cristiano Ronaldo loan, 8 Special Edition FUT Kits, three days early access and more.
The last two extra’s you can’t find on the other two editions. These extras are TOTW Loan Player-packs and Ronaldo Nazário loan. You also have to buy fifa 18 ultimate team coins to create the best team ever and win!

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