There is no FIFA edition or players will find ways to abuse certain bugs. This year too, where players can manipulate the Squad Battles through a FIFA 18 exploit.

In the FIFA 18 Squad Battles mode you take on computer-controlled opponents with the aim to get as high a position as possible in the leaderboards. The higher your position on Sunday evening, the higher your rewards are on Monday morning, when a new week of Squad Battles starts.

Difficulty level

The level of difficulty with which you play depends on how many points you get and there is also the exploit, another word for taking advantage of a bug. The Ultimate level is the hardest and also yields the most points. Players discovered that when you step into the field with bronze players at that level, you are virtually unbeatable.

FIFA 18 exploit makes bronze players unbeatable

By covering the ball with bronze players and walking slowly towards the goal, you can hardly be taken off the ball and you can easily score. Players are not sure whether this is an exploit or just a good tactic. That framework is important, since you can be banned if you abuse an exploit.

How EA deals with this is not yet known. It is clear that the AI ​​has to be adjusted a lot to make this bug impossible in the future. Until that time you can make good use of it, provided it is not officially prohibited.

FIFA 18 came out at the end of September for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

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