In a blog, EA explains the influence of chemistry on the quality of players in Fifa Ultimate Team. Previously this was not completely clear for Fifa players. These Pitch Notes from EA serve to clarify the details of Fifa in general.
In the second version of the so-called Pitch Notes an explanation is given about the ‘chemistry styles’ that players can apply to football players within their teams. In Fifa 19 Ultimate Team there is a strong chemistry when players from the same country, league or club are connected to each other. The better the chemistry, the better the players perform individually. With this, players also perform poorer individually as the chemistry is lower.

Connections between players

In addition to the standard connections between players, FIFA players also have the option of placing so-called chemistry style cards on a player. By placing a card, players increase in statistics on a specific area what the card describes. Thus, in the image below, the player Dybala is shown, who climbs on various levels in statistics by his player chemistry of 10 and the possession of a ‘marksman’ card. This way you can see exactly on which surfaces the player rises in quality and with how much. The strongest connection is with the best players. You can buy FIFA 19 coins to achieve that goal.

Pitch notes and strong chemistry

This specific insight also applies if the player does not have a strong connection with the team or if he does not have a card. In the image below you can clearly see what effect a bad chemistry has on the qualities of Dybala.This is the first time that Fifa has shown these figures specifically to players in Ultimate Team. Previously, players only received a general indication on which areas the cards affected the player.

Besides showing specific figures about chemistry cards, there are now also new icons for every chemistry style. In this way it is easier for players in FUT to recognize which card is applied to the player in question.

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