FIFA 17 points are considered as FIFA currency which is a type of virtual currency. These points can be used to buy new packs and players. Gamers can buy these points in exchange of real money.

FIFA Points were first available for PC gamers on FIFA12 Ultimate Team. It then became available for PlayStation, Xbox, iOS and Android in the following year. FIFA Points has brought large profit for EA Sports. Your FIFA Points will be shown at the top right corner of the Ultimate Team menu. Generally it will appear as ‘0’ when you have not ever bought any FIFA Points.

How to Buy FIFA Points?

You can buy FIFA Points using the Store in the game. You can also buy points for PlayStation in Console’s Store. In PC there is Web App that takes you at where you can buy points from Origin Store as well but it is not available for PlayStation or Xbox. FIFA Points can be purchased in the EA Access early access.

To purchase FIFA Points, follow the steps below:
Buying steps:

  1. Open <Ultimate Team> in your console.
  2. Browse to ‘Store > FIFA points’ (top right corner).
  3. Select how many FIFA Points you want to purchase. Then you’ll be redirected to Origin Store/ PlayStation Store.
  4. The larger the bundles the more discount you get.
  5. When you have sufficient currency in your account, you will proceed to payment.
  6. ‘Download’ starts.
  7. When you don’t have sufficient amount of funds in your account you can add some additional funds as well with various payment methods like debit card/credit card/Skrill Wallet/PayPal and prepaid service for Xbox and PlayStation.

You can also buy FIFA Points now directly from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

At first visit the official Store of Sony (when you are using PlayStation) or Microsoft (when you are using Xbox). They are automatically credited to you in your Ultimate Team account. This method is only valid for PS and Xbox.

Purchasing FUT points for PC in MMOGA:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Choose FIFA points
Step 3: Choose your console PC/ PlayStation/ Xbox
Step 4: Choose FIFA17 – 2200 FUT points (PC)

Step 5: Choose add to cart
Step 6:  Choose add to cart
Step 7: Follow the instructions

Step 8: Wait for your points!

After payment you will receive the key for the FUT Points by EA through e-mail within the delivery time stated by MMOGA. You can unlock 2200 FIFA Ultimate Team Points in FIFA 17 after using the key.

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